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STOP PRESS: BristolPrinters Ltd. now offers enhanced services -

If your Company needs an A3 page colour printer - the only Quality one on the market is a HP CLJ5550 or better CLJ9500 - this will cost you £3000 .....plus.

But we offer an alternative...we can source a top quality HP 5500 for £800

It will have less than one month's duty cycle useage and our fully comprehensive 3 months warranty. We will also keep it clean indefinitely, inside and out, FREE-OF-CHARGE if you purchase the consumables from us! Ask us for satisified customer references too.

Or 'lease'.....

We lease high volume colour printers starting at £300 per month - this includes all toners- and ongoing maintenance - you just supply the A4 paper and let us worry about everything else - we are on site the same day if there are any problems....

Our 'lease' is not a lock-in; -one month's notice to take it away and no penalties whatsoever.


Moving Offices soon?

IMAC (Installations, Moves And Changes) - We supply engineering support to move all your computer systems within sites and desking at £25 per hour per engineer including out-of-hours and weekends

We also offer CAT5E data cable extensions and extra outlets for expanding offices



TONER CARTRIDGES - yes it is a BIG DEAL actually....

we save you serious money on consumables..... check this !

...email or ring your order for Original toners and when we deliver them, the Engineer will clean up/vac any printer/fax in the office that you choose, for approx 15 minutes..

..and NO CHARGE for this unique value added service

We deliver same day and invoice you in due course, we are quick and efficient and NO FUSS, so you can get on with your business.

Ah...so we charge more for the toners...?

Not a bit of it ! we will match or even BEAT your current invoice prices.

Why WASTE your money on 'Stationers' - they impart no added value whatever. Use our services and over time all your printers will be in tip top condition for FREE. Remember...the biggest failure element in printers is NEGLECTING routine maintenance.


Some ....Satisfied.....Customers
  • Avon & Somerset Police
  • Ashton Park School
  • AUDI Motors Bristol
  • At Bristol
  • Avon Barriers
  • Avon Driver Training
  • Avon Tidal Generation
  • Ashbury Estate Agents
  • Bath Abbey
  • Badminton School
  • Bristol International Airport
  • Bristol Port Authority
  • Bristol University
  • Bristol Cathedral School
  • Bristol Grammar School
  • Bristol Zoo
  • Brunel Metrology
  • BradleyStoke Town Council
  • Building Services Design
  • BUPA Bristol
  • City Bridge Dental
  • Clifton Dioceses
  • Consol Sun Centres
  • Conexant Systems
  • DAS Legal Services
  • Dupont Tyvek
  • E3 Media
  • Endemol Television
  • Elim Housing Assoc
  • E R Hemmings
  • Express Holiday Inn
  • First Step Homes
  • Franklin Design Studios
  • Government Office
  • Hales & Co
  • Hammond Yates
  • House Builder XL
  • Hydrex Equipment
  • Icon Films
  • iSky Europe PLC
  • James Tudor Foundation
  • JRW Pharmacy Group
  • Kellaway Building Supplies
  • KTS Recruitment
  • Learning & Skills Council
  • Lime Tree Dental
  • Medics On The Move
  • Mercedes Benz of Bristol
  • MOD Abbey Wood
  • Mitie Group
  • North Bristol NHS Trust
  • North Somerset Council
  • Probation Service Avon & Somerset
  • Sharp Brewery
  • SouthWestern Company
  • Thermae Bath Spa
  • Wessex Garages
  • World Wildlife Fund Bristol
  • Yate Shopping Centre

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